By SONU Arora | April 17, 2020 | 0 Comments

Connection with GOD

How can you keep your faith strong in hard times?

In today times everyone face though situation at their homes. I want to request to all peoples don’t think about this to much its time to build a relationship with GOD. It’s time to understand where we stand in the path of spiritual life.

Lord Krishna says u walk at least 2 feet to my side and i will increase 10 feet towards your side. If something have been going wrong in your life its lesson given by GOD to you through other person. Its not actually fault of other person behind this its planing of GOD for learning something to you. At that time may be you are not able to understand but definitely time will clear all in future why its happen. We need to being wise person and need to understand the learning of GOD . It’s crucial spend at least 30 min with GOD. Always believe in GOD.God gives the power and strength in every situation. Its depend on our believe. God gives the power and strength in every situation.Its depend on our believe.Our strength will be more powerful that’s depend on our believe on GOD.

4 Keys used for connection with :

Firstly, Learn to Give Your Heart to God

Secondly, Read God’s Words and Apply God’s Word to Your Life

Thirdly, Set Our Intentions Right and Obey God’s Arrangements

Finally, Seek Truth in All Things and Pursue Loving God

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